Cons of signing up at a recruitment agency

There are many people who come to UAE for work and each day many of them will be interviews by prospective employers. However, only a small number of them will be able to get a job. It has been remarked by some experts that the chances of getting a job in UAE will be higher for the people who submit their own applications against those who submit them through recruiters. Even though the choice is entirely of the person who is going to work, here are some of the negative points of trying to find a job through recruitment agencies.

Scam recruiters

The first problem, that even top recruitment agencies in UAE have accepted is that there are many scam recruiters who will try to fool their clients out of their cash by offering fake courses, or by promising them great jobs if they are willing to pay a small bribe or hush money. All of these are complete scams as UAE corporate sector is considered to be one the most efficient corporate sectors in the entire world and corporate corruption is at an all-time low in the country. Many scams are the just simple website with “click here” written on the link that will take you to a payment method, it always pays to be wary.

No choice of employer

The second problem is that there are many people who apply for the same job, so the recruiter will have to decide which applicant they are going to send to which company, therefore you have no control on which employer is getting your application. If you go solo, you will be able to pick and choose the employer, but when working through a recruitment agency you do not get to make that choice.

No input for CV development

The third con is that you will not be able to find out how many people rejected your applications and CV and what the problem was. So you will not be able to correct your CV for future interviews. However, if you go solo, you will realize your mistakes soon enough and your CV will go through a phase of evolution as you face more and more interviews, before you land your dream job.

No say in pay negotiation

Fourth is the choice of payment. When you are applying yourself, you will be able to ask for whatever you deem fair, and in accordance with your skills, however, the recruitment agency will always try to get the best deal. So if you are hard on cash and you are ready to work for less, the recruitment agency may not be the best way forward, as they will negotiate for the best deal for themselves and the employee.