The basics of writing a will

Nobody wants to think about his or her death or the life after death for his or her family members, especially the children. However, there comes a point in life where you have to think about this reality and make arrangements for your family and friends, who might find themselves at the crossroads in a court of law. If you don’t want your family and friends to be at odds in a legal battle after your death, contact the will writing services in Dubai today. Things become very difficult in the United Arab Emirates when an expatriate loses his life as ignorance of the family members to the local laws make it a big challenge for them to claim the things the head of the family leaves behind.


A will is a legal document which allows you declare the person who will manage your estate and wealth after your death. The person given the task of handling the estate and wealth in the will is known as the executor. In your will, you can also nominate a person to act as a guardian to your minor children or dependents. In such a scenario, you can specify a time limit after which your children would be able take legal responsibilities of the estate and wealth. The people you mention in the will to receive the whole or part of your property is called beneficiary.


Generally, the legal document of will covers all the property and estates of a person, but certain insurance policies and retirement accounts don’t fall under the jurisdiction of this document. Most of these documents already have the name of a beneficiary, therefore a will won’t change anything in this regard.


A person who dies without making a well is called intestate, which means the estate, wealth, and property left behind will be distributed among the legal heirs as per the country’s laws and legislations. The process of transferring the left behind property of the deceased to the legal heirs is called probate.


Generally, a person doesn’t need the services of a lawyer to prepare his or her will, but acquiring a legal opinion is always the recommended option. You can always find the right format online to develop your legal will. There are many countries and states where people are allowed to have a joint will along with his or her spouse. Click here to find out more details about how a legal will can save your family members of untoward situations after your death.