As leaders travel in bullet proof cars, is Dubai safe?

There are many people in Dubai who have taken great care of the city. The leaders of the state and the people who have run the city in the have sacrificed the most for the city, but as times have progressed they have realized that they are under the same threats that other world leaders face so it has been decided by many of Sheikhs that use bullet proof cars. The reasons behind this decision are many but the main reason is that of security. But does this mean that Dubai is under threat? No! It does not. It merely means that these people on whom the welfare of the state demands will require security and they have decided that the best way forward for their security is to make sure that they are travelling bullet proof cars.

No criminal elements

An important thing that most people do not know is that Dubai is one of the safest cities around the world and they have had the east amount of security threats in the recent past. The reason or this is that Dubai has created a system of checks and balances so there are no criminal elements that control the city, like the gangs that control the Indian cities of Goa or the Mafia and the Triads that control a number of cities in the USA and china. Dubai is not under the control of any criminal enterprise, rather the law is supreme. This has been possible only with the strictest enforcement of law.

Tolerance and lack of regime change

Another thing is that Dubai is a tolerant city and it does not enforce any strict interpretations of any ideology. This means that no single person has supreme power in the city. As Dubai is not ruled by any single person there is no chance of insurrection or revolution, so this means that people can travel to the city without fear of any sudden change in the regime. There are many checks and balances that ensure that the government of Dubai is run smoothly and legally and it is for the best benefit of the populace of Dubai. This means that all of the people who live or work in Dubai are taken care of by the government so they are satisfied by the current state of affairs in the area. This means that even though the leaders of the state travel in bullet proof cars, the state is safe. Visit for further information.