4 Must Dos When Landscaping Your Exterior Space

Landscaping is a great way to upgrade and beautify the exterior of your home. Through landscaping, you will be able to aesthetically revamp your lawn and the outside of your home and fix underlying issues that can affect the value of your property.


But landscaping is not just about putting a grass on your lawn and planting a few flowers. Landscaping should be well thought-out to ensure that it would be aesthetically pleasing and also function like it should be. Here are some must-dos for planning your lawn landscaping project:


  1. Apply your personal style


One of the key benefits of landscaping is it is done to add beauty to your exterior. A well-designed and tended lawn can definitely add value to your property. So, do not settle for a generic lawn design that would make your exterior look like everybody else. Make sure that your lawn still stands out from the crowd. Landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi are giving their clients the freedom to style their own lawn and guide them throughout the process.


  1. Make your lawn functional


Aside from beautifying your lawn, be sure that every component and element are working and functioning as they should. Think strategically where you will be placing the components of your lawn. Placing is crucial as it will determine how the overall design will work. It would be best to sketch up first the placing of each element and think about how each will affect the design. The distance between the components is also critical. If you are not sure, check with experts in landscape and garden design in Dubai to validate your ideas.


  1. Consider your future needs


Temporary landscape design is not only cost but not worth the effort. If you are designing your lawn, be sure that you are designing for long term purposes. You need to take into account your future needs and requirements. For instance, the maintenance. You have to create a lawn design that would make it easy for you and other family members to tend and maintain. This is why beds with sharp curves are a big NO for lawns as it is hard to mow. Same goes with the plants that you will put in your garden. If you don’t have the time to tend the garden, putting low maintenance floras would be the best option.


  1. Plan your budget


Landscaping can be an expensive project. You need to set aside enough money to turn your vision into reality. Experts advise their clients to at least add 15-20% on your allotted budget to cover everything – from the designing, procurement of plants and other elements to execution and maintenance.