Best outdoor sports for girls

Outdoor sports in one of the best activity which will keep your kids active physically as well as mentally. These type of activities play a very important role in the overall development of your child’s behavior and health. There are various outdoor activities for kids in Dubai and on the other hand there are several coaching institutes as well where the kids are provided with the best training regarding any of their desirable sporting activity.

In this article we will discuss some of the best outdoor sports for girls specifically. Although there are no limitations regarding any of the sports for anyone whether it is a boy or girl. But still if we talk about girls’ interests then we can shortlist a group of sports which girls usually love to participate in. If you want to learn about those outdoor activities then read this complete article.


Teen volleyball girls is one of the best outdoor activities as it is full of energy and fun. In this game two teams having six members in each are involved. A net is placed in between and the teams have to pass the volleyball to the opponent team each time without letting the ball drop. The team with maximum passing score at the end of the match is considered to be a winning team. It is usually recommended to wear elbow and knee caps for the safety of girls while playing this game.


Tennis is best suitable for those girls who don’t want to play in crowd or teams as this game only involves two players playing against each other. A lot of girls love playing tennis as the rules are very simple and this game is quite easy to understand. To play tennis all you will need is a racquet and a tennis ball, it is not necessary to always have a partner as you can play this game alone as well. This game is quite suitable for girls as it does not demand excessive running or jumping.


Mostly girls are quite different as compared to boys in terms of choosing sport activities. This is because boys love to put excessive physical effort while girls demand a less strenuous sports. For this purpose golf is one of the best option for girls as in this game the player just has to stand at one place and then hit the golf ball to the respective target. This outdoor activity does not include any running or jumping at all, and this is the reason that mostly girls love playing it.