Possible threats of viruses

In this time a huge number of populations around the world are using mobiles, laptops, personal computers and complex business systems and they all are at high risk of data stealing or data loss through viruses. There are people who use top antivirus protection to save themselves from the possible threats of these malicious activities. Number of people is increasing day by day who download antivirus for pc because they are going to be more aware about the following difficulties which they may face in case of not getting the antivirus:

Speed: Their system will become the victim of an antivirus when it slows down immediately after opening a mysterious website or downloading a new file to your system. This slowing down will have long lasting effects on your system if you do not take action against it and it may also corrupt your system entirely if you leave the virus within.

File deletion: an antivirus may cause the deletion of your important files which you have saved in your pc. They will get deleted permanently and you cannot restore them also it will also damage the files and leave you unable to open them. Some viruses are so deadly that they will do irreparable damage to your files and then you have to accept the truth that these file are gone forever.

Reformat: It may reformat your hard disk and in this case you need to get a new window installed because all of your files and softwares will be gone and you will not be able to recover them with the same copy of your windows.

Data: Few of the viruses are not as much deadly to corrupt your entire hard disk or all the files but they will make few of your files deleted without your permission or they will corrupt few random files and it is possible that it will delete some important files and your significant data will be lost forever.


Unable to do anything: There are some viruses which do not corrupt or delete your files but they will leave you unable to do any task on your computer even you will not be able to open a common file on that. Also they may make you unable to use the internet on your system so you cannot even open the lightest Google website.