Things to know about the famous tummy tuck surgery

If truth be told, tummy tuck surgery is a very popular cosmetic surgery procedure among those who want to get rid of excessive fat and skin from their abdominal area. If you are thinking that why you should opt for a cosmetic surgery procedure to remove extra fat or skin from your belly when you can do so by following a diet plan or exercise regime that is designed to flatten the abdominal are, then you should understand that fact that these methods are not effective for everyone for and works differently on different people. You should also understand the fact that tummy tuck surgery in Dubai can result differently on different people. However, one thing for sure is that you will have a significantly flatter belly after undertaking this procedure.


If you don’t know already, you will have to option to choose from two different types of tummy tuck surgery that are available in the market these days. If you have having issues with the shape of your lower belly area, then you can simply opt for mini tummy tuck surgery. But if you want to reduce the size and reshape your entire abdominal area, then you will have to opt for a full belly tummy tuck surgery. If you are under the impression that tummy tuck surgery is a minor surgical procedure that has no side effects or risks involved in it, then you must know that, it is a lengthy surgical procedure and it can last from 45 minutes to 5 hours and is performed under general anesthesia and has a few risks involved that can vary from infection to blood loss. However, you can reduce the chances of such risks by opting for a highly professional and experienced cosmetic surgeon for the procedure.


If you are interested in knowing and understanding about how this procedure is done, then you should know that your surgeon will cut into your abdomen are at your lower belly are in the mini tummy tuck surgery. Whereas, in full tummy tuck surgery, he will make another cut near your belly button. Your surgeon will then pull your abdominal skin to get desired shape. He may also have to recreate your belly button to provide you your desired belly shape. If you are also dealing with issues related to your smile, then you should speak to your cosmetic surgeon about that as well to find out if he offers an effective procedure for smile makeover in Dubai.