Things to know about minibars

Answer this question, with how many times is it happened that you have went to travel and come back with only your stuff without stealing shampoo or lotion or maybe even a toothbrush? Not even once right? Even the angels who swear upon God, saying they have never stolen anything in their entire lives, there was a time in life when they also thought of picking up a small bottle of shampoo and the idea did crossed their mind.

Don’t worry this is not an article to bash any of you who have picked up different things from hotels – because as hard as it is to confess, I am one of them. However, the one thing for sure is that keeping the jokes aside, no one can resist yummy smelling lotions and moisturising shampoos, so here is why the hotel minibar is so expensive?

A vast research and census was conducted to know the actual reason behind mini bars being so expensive and the result which came out it was pretty obvious. Hotel minibars are so expensive because of the usual stealing.

When different kinds of material from minibar is stolen the hotel have to pay the price for themselves. In order to cover up that stolen prices from the hotel expenses it is that’s why generally very expensive. Now another question raises in my mind and that is that why don’t you simply charge the guest who has stolen, well this is not always the case guests not always steal from mini bars and sometimes when they do, it cannot be pinpointed that who did it because it comes down to the integrity of the hotel and the person themselves it means that you are insulting your guests. And sometimes when the Mini bar is found empty, hotels do charge their guest but sometimes it is far too late for that action to take place and that is the reason minibars cost very much.

We cannot entirely blame the guests for stealing from them. However, we can also not comprehend that it is the fault of the respected hotel managers who don’t charge for this theft. It is simply a norm that has been passed on and this is the reason minibars are extinct now.

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